How can I open a file in the editor from a terminal tab?

If you want to open a file named foo, run open path/to/foo.

I closed the terminal under my editor by mistake. How do I get it back?

If the Console pane at the bottom is visible, you should be able to open a new terminal tab by clicking the plus button atop that pane, and choosing New Terminal.

console pane

TIP: If you no longer see the Console pane, you can bring it back via View > Console or by hitting F6. You can also open a terminal in any other pane.

Can I use a different editor?

Sure, if you are more familiar, you can run editors in the terminal such as emacs, nano, or vim.

What if I already have a AWS account?

The CS50 IDE isn’t available yet to all AWS accounts.

How to restore files that I have accidentally deleted?

Please follow the instructions at How do I recover a deleted file?. Let sysadmins@cs50.harvard.edu know if you need further assistance!