Visual Studio Code

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Deleting a Codespace

Deleting a codespace will delete all files and folders therein. If you are sure you want to delete a codespace:

  1. Visit

  2. Under Owned by code50, to the right of main, click , select Delete, and click OK.

You can then create a new codespace by following the instructions at again.

Customizing a Codespace

VS Code supports quite a few settings via which you can customize a codespace:

  1. User settings, which “apply globally to any instance of VS Code you open” and can be applied to codespaces as well via Settings Sync.

  2. Remote settings, which are set by CS50 via .devcontainer.json file in your codespace.

  3. Workspace settings, which can be set by you via VS Code’s GUI (or by editing .vscode/settings.json manually).

Remote settings override User settings. And Workspace settings override Remote settings.

If you use VS Code outside of CS50, you might thus want to store most of your settings in User settings (and enable Settings Sync). And if there are any Remote settings set by CS50 that you would like to override, you can do so via Workspace settings.