First make sure you have Python 3.6 or higher installed. You can download Python here.

To install compare50 under Linux / OS X:

pip install compare50

Under Windows, please install the Linux subsystem. Then install compare50 within the subsystem.



usage: compare50 [-h] [-a ARCHIVE [ARCHIVE ...]] [-d DISTRO [DISTRO ...]]
                 [-p PASSES [PASSES ...]] [-i INCLUDE [INCLUDE ...]]
                 [-x EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...]] [--list] [-o OUTPUT] [-v]
                 [-n MATCHES] [--profile] [--debug]
                 submissions [submissions ...]

positional arguments:
  submissions           Paths to submissions to compare

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -a ARCHIVE [ARCHIVE ...], --archive ARCHIVE [ARCHIVE ...]
                        Paths to archive submissions. Archive submissions are
                        not compared against other archive submissions, only
                        against regular submissions.
  -d DISTRO [DISTRO ...], --distro DISTRO [DISTRO ...]
                        Paths to distribution files. Contents of these files
                        are stripped from submissions.
  -p PASSES [PASSES ...], --passes PASSES [PASSES ...]
                        Specify which passes to use. compare50 ranks only by
                        the first pass, but will render views for every pass.
  -i INCLUDE [INCLUDE ...], --include INCLUDE [INCLUDE ...]
                        Globbing patterns to include from every submission.
                        Includes everything (*) by default. Make sure to quote
                        your patterns to escape any shell globbing!
  -x EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...], --exclude EXCLUDE [EXCLUDE ...]
                        Globbing patterns to exclude from every submission.
                        Nothing is excluded by default. Make sure to quote
                        your patterns to escape any shell globbing!
  --list                List all available passes and exit.
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        location of compare50's output
  -v, --verbose         display the full tracebacks of any errors
  -n MATCHES            number of matches to output
  --profile             profile compare50 (development only, requires
                        line_profiler, implies debug)
  --debug               don't run anything in parallel, disable progress bar