CS50x FAQs

For answers to other questions, do just strike up a discussion with classmates!

Does CS50x have a test or quiz?

Nope! CS50 at Harvard University and Yale University does have a test and quiz, but CS50x does not.

Does CS50x have office hours?

No, afraid CS50x is too large, but you can still start a discussion with classmates!

Does CS50x have sections?

No, afraid CS50x is too large, but you can still start a discussion with classmates!

What’s the difference between “less comfortable” and “more comfortable” problems? Do I have to do both?

The “less comfortable” are what you might consider the “standard” version of the problem, designed for students who have little or no prior experience. The “more comfortable” are the “challenge” version, designed for students who consider themselves more comfortable due to prior study/experience before this class. As such, they may require more concepts than have been covered in the course so far.

You don’t get any extra points for doing the “more comfortable” problems. If you submit both, the one with the highest grade will count towards your overall pset grade.

Do I have to choose Verification before starting the course?

Nope! If you would like an edX Verified Certificate, you can pay for verification at any point, even after completing all of the coursework.

If I paid for a verified certificate before 2019, do I need to pay again?

No, you should be able to re-verify yourself via edX’s dashboard.

If I started CS50x before 2019, can I resume?

Yes, any scores you received on past years’ problem sets have been imported into CS50x 2019. However, moving forward, you must submit CS50x 2019’s problem sets.

Is my child too young to take CS50x?

CS50x is perhaps best suited for ages 12 and up. Younger students might need a hand from a parent.

How do I know if I have completed all requirements for a Verified Certificate?

cs50.me/cs50x shows the scores you have received for each submitted problem. Once you have completed all requirements, you will see a green banner atop that page, confirming your completion.

When are Verified Certificates generated?

At the end of each month, CS50’s staff provides edX with a list of students who have satisfied CS50x’s requirements (by receiving scores of at least 70% on every required problem submitted as part of the course’s nine problem sets as well as on the final project). Within a few days, edX then generates students’ Verified Certificates, at which point they should appear automatically on edX’s dashboard. Note that edX will not notify you, so be sure to check your dashboard. If it has been more than a month since you met all requirements and you have still not received your certificate, email certificates@cs50.harvard.edu with your details.

When are deadlines?

CS50x does not have deadlines for problem sets or for the final project. You are welcome to work on and submit at your own pace.

I registered for edX using my Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account, and can’t log in to submit Problem Set 0. What should I do?

Unfortunately, edX’s open ID (which we use for authentication) doesn’t support logging in with Facebook, Google, or Microsoft accounts yet. To get around this, for now, you should try resetting your password (even though you may have never set any before) from your Account Settings page on edX. Then try the pset0 form again, logging in with the email associated with your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft account you use to log into edX, and the password you just set.

My Style grade is not what I expected. Why might that be?

Your style grade will be based on the style50 results for every source code file in your submission. When you run submit50, be sure that your folder includes only those files that are necessary for the problem set. If you have any extra test files in there, those will be counted towards your grade. Remove the extra files from the folder and resubmit to get an updated Style score.

Why does edX think my grade 0%?

CS50x doesn’t use edX’s built-in gradebook, so all students’ scores appear (in edX’s gradebook) as 0%. Not to worry, see cs50.me/cs50x for your actual scores.